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Alabama Voter Selfies the Real Deal

The Law Offices Of Segal & Segal are former prosecutors who put their experience to work defending the rights of the accused. Call us today (256) 533-4529.

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What You Need to Know about Alabama’s New 2016 Marijuana Laws

Alabama’s criminal justice system divides the crime of possession of marijuana into two degrees. I. Possession of Marijuana in the Second Degree-Misdemeanor Possession A person who knowingly in possession of marijuana for their own personal use (and who has never been convicted of possession of marijuana) would be guilty of Possession [ Read More… ]

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Court Clarifies Alabama’s “Stand Your Ground Law”

Alabama’s “Stand your Ground Law’ The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals has provided essential clarification of Alabama’s “Stand your Ground” law and the proper procedure the court must follow when a defendant raises this defense. In State v. Harrison, CR–13–0429 the appellate court concluded that a criminal defendant may raise [ Read More… ]

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