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Category: Drug Charges

You Cant Handle the Truth: Why Some Lawyers Do Not Want to Know if You “Did It”

Some lawyers intentionally will not ask their clients whether or not they committed the crime. To most non-lawyers, this seems strange. Even lawyers have different opinions on whether or not to ask a client whether or not they committed the crime. Should I tell my lawyer I committed a crime [ Read More… ]

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What You Need to Know about Alabama’s New 2016 Marijuana Laws

Alabama’s criminal justice system divides the crime of possession of marijuana into two degrees. I. Possession of Marijuana in the Second Degree-Misdemeanor Possession A person who knowingly in possession of marijuana for their own personal use (and who has never been convicted of possession of marijuana) would be guilty of Possession [ Read More… ]

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Should I Work as an Informant?

I represented a client who had just finished serving a seven-year prison sentence for trafficking cocaine. Three weeks after his release he was trafficking again. This time he made the mistake of hitting his girlfriend. She called the police on him. When the police came to his apartment, she showed [ Read More… ]

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