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Criminal Defense Client Testimonials

On this page, you will find a sample of previous testimonials submitted to us by former Alabama clients. Please note that the outcomes achieved in these cases do not necessarily indicate the same for your case. Even if two cases appear similar, the smallest details can determine the outcome. We invite you to call our law firm to review our qualifications and to obtain your free case evaluation.


My client was accused of rape and sodomy under two separate provisions of the law.

Under the first provision he was charged with “mentally incapacitated rape” this provision of the law is meant to cover a situation where a woman is slipped some sort of a debilitating drug. However, the evidence was the complaining witness in this case had taken approximately 10 shots of Crown Royal as well as an oxycodone. There was no evidence at all that anyone administered or “slipped” her any alcohol or drugs and this portion of the law does not protect someone who may have regret for actions that they took while intoxicated.

My client was also charged with rape under the provisions of the law were a woman is “physically helpless”. Under this section of the law, if a woman is physically helpless, that is physically unable to participate or consent to the sexual act, then a sexual act performed upon her would be rape. Here, the complaining witness claimed that when she woke up either my client was “going up and down or she was”-of course if the complaining witness was capable of participating a good argument is she was not physically helpless but participating in the act. 

There was a variety of other evidence in this case suggesting that the complaining witness was not being completely candid. Our view was that this was not a case of rape but of regret. It appears this young woman had remorse over her actions after voluntarily consuming a large amount of alcohol. She did not want to accept responsibility as to her part in these  embarrassing actions.

After considerable amount of effort, the case was dismissed.

Dear Mr. Andrew, My boyfriend was accused of 1st degree rape and 1st degree sodomy, you are the 3rd lawyer he has had, and the best! On behalf of his mother and myself, thank you so much! We are so grateful. 


Appreciate everything. Second time DUI. Both times you have done the job. Best lawyer in town!


I was charged with 1st degree marijuana. While out on bond, I caught another 1st degree marijuana charge. I hired Andrew Segal for both charges and we worked out a payment agreement that was agreeable to both. He did a great job with both cases and I only received 3 yrs probation and minimal fines. I highly recommend him for anyone needing similar help.


In this case the client was charged with a theft case. At our suggestion, the client completed a theft counseling program. The prosecutor was willing to accept this and dismiss the charges, unfortunately, because the client was not a citizen, the original judge on the case was not willing to accept this. This matter was before a lower court: Alabama allows appeals to the Circuit Court under appropriate circumstances and we appealed to the Circuit Court. Upon appeal to the Circuit court all charges were dismissed. The clients  husband of the following to say:

My wife was charged with a theft case and we hired Mr. Segal from day one. And let me tell you that was one of the best things I ever did.

Since we were pretty unaware of court proceedings, Mr. Segal explained the entire process in great detail. He made us feel very comfortable for the entire episode. Mr. Segal was very kind, understanding, knowledgeable, and very professional. He spoke with us many times and he spoke with the prosecutor several times. Finally, after six months he got the case dismissed!


This client was charged with two counts of possession of child pornography. Possession of child pornography is a class C felony under Alabama law. This crime carries a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment-for each count. In addition to potential imprisonment, an individual convicted of these crimes would be a registered sex offender and subject to public notification.

After discussing the case, the prosecutor agreed to allow the client to participate in a counseling program as opposed to facing prosecution for this crime with all charges to be dismissed upon successful completion of counseling. The client had the following to say:

I recommend Mr. Segal as an attorney. He is a very professional person as well as a kind and personable individual. He got me the best result possible for my charges with child pornography. I bet my life on him and he came through with great results.


I was accused of possession of marijuana and I retained Andy Segal as my lawyer. He was able to get me youthful offender status and have my court fees reduced. I was very pleased with his service and would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal service.


After a series of poor choices due to my prescription drug problem, I was left 2 second degree felonies and a fugitive warrant for missing my court date.

Andrew Segal has gone above and beyond as my criminal defense attorney and been more than available every step of the way. He was very consistent, dependable, and didn’t stop until he got me the best deal possible. He was worth every penny and then some! Mr. Segal made what I thought was impossible, possible! One felony was dismissed and the other was reduced to a misdemeanor.

I’m walking out of the courtroom with probation when I should’ve gone to prison. I probably would have had it not been for his excellent representation.


I was charged with two counts of attempt to commit murder. Mr. Segal got the case where the state agreed that if I attend classes that the charges would be dismissed. Mr. Segal has done a great job on my case and I am very pleased with the end results.


To Mr. Andrew Segal: I had the privilege of you being my larger for my charges in 2014. I wanted you to know I appreciate your advice and the way you handled my case. I would definitely recommend you as a lawyer. Respectfully H.P.


Mr. Segal did a great job for me. He got my charge of distribution amended to possession of a controlled substance and kept me out of prison. I would recommend him to everyone.


Mr. Andrew Segal is a fantastic attorney, honest, classy & knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him. We went to trial and won!


This woman was charged with multiple offenses. We were able to resolve her case where she will have no convictions as long as she successfully competes counseling.

Andrew Segal has been the most honest, forthright person to deal with. I feel blessed by the opportunity that was given to me at the conclusion of my trial. I would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.


This was a felony criminal mischief case and a fourth offense DUI. My client was alleged to have had a confrontation with a man in a parking lot. As the man left, my client threw a paving stone into the windshield of the man’s truck. My client then got in his vehicle and left. Unfortunately for my client, the man in the parking lot was an off duty sheriffs deputy and my client was soon arrested. My client had at last three prior felonies and could have easily faced many, many years in prison.

Since his criminal history was related to and tied in with a history of substance abuse, I told him that he needed to get serious about counseling and that he needed to make sure any damage he created was fully reimbursed before court. He took my advise to heart and made remarkable progress becoming clean and sober. We were able to avoid incarceration and he received about the lowest sentence he could get under the circumstances…in fact even lower than the law would normally require since the prosecutor was kind enough to work with my client in not asserting against him all that cold have been asserted.

Mr. Segal,

Regrettably, we did not get an opportunity to speak to you today after [our son’s] appearance in Court.

We want to tell you how very much we appreciate your concern and your attention to helping [our son]  through his legal troubles. We cannot express how pleased we are that the outcome was remarkably better than we had ever imagined it might be. This last year has been an annus horribilis as we have agonized over the possibilities. And, it has been difficult for [our son]  trying so hard for an entire year to keep a positive attitude…..not always very successfully. 

Nevertheless, he has now accomplished a remarkable change in direction and is very focused on improving his life. Thank you again for your advice to [our son]  and your continuing effort on his behalf.

Best regards


This case involved a young woman who was charged with trafficking 72 pounds of marijuana. This individual had been asked to meet a male friend at an automobile rental place where he transferred several suitcases into her car. The suitcases contained the marijuana. There was also a small amount of marijuana in the passenger compartment of the car. Although she did not know about the suitcases of marijuana she did know about the marijuana in the passenger compartment. When the police stopped the vehicle, because she knew about the marijuana in the passenger compartment, and because she was frightened, she was not honest with the police.

Both she and her male friend were then arrested and charged with trafficking.

Most lawyers will not let their clients talk to the District Attorney prosecuting the case, however, in this case we took a calculated risk and agreed to allow my client to speak with the prosecutor with the hope that it could assist in resolving this case. My opinion was that this young woman was being used by the male and she was unaware of the large quantity of marijuana. We agreed that should his case come to trial, my client would provide testimony as to all of the events leading to the arrest. As is usually the case in such circumstances, there were no specific promises or rewards offered for her testimony.

While it took about four years for this case to resolve, ultimately the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charges against my client.

She wrote us the following note:

I’d like to give my deepest Gratitude to you for taking my case on back in May, 2010.

April 26, 2010 my life changed within minutes. At that time I was only 26 years of age, at the moment of my arrest I realized that it only takes one second to ruin 26 years of building.

I was charged with Trafficking Marijuana, facing a Mandatory Minimum 3 years in prison. I had never been in this amount of trouble in my life. I had no idea what to do because I knew I had no knowledge of what was taking place.

I did not know where to start as far as looking for a attorney who would listen to my story, facts, and try to understand the background that I came from. I can honestly say I thank God I called Segal & Segal first.

I appreciate you telling me the truth, what to expect, and never leaving me with questions. Although, this has been a trying 4 years of waiting and praying finally my case has been dismissed.

I recommend anybody who is in a situation where your life is in jeopardy, you don’t know what to do! Segal & Segal Law Firm should be your first stop!!! Please be fully honest, only honesty and Faith in God will get you through it. I was suicidal, depressed, unemployed, all the above. I know how it feels to not know what your future holds. But God appoints Attorneys to stand by you, and work with you. Trust in Mr. Segal, be honest, do everything that is asked and I promise, no matter how long it takes, when you receive that phone call, patience shows value.

Mr. Segal, your a great attorney. I can began to rebuild my life again. I never thought I’d get a call of dismissal, and I did! I believe if I had any other attorney representing this Trafficking case of 74LBS, that I’d be in a Alabama Prison, hundreds of miles from my family, and my life gone. I can’t thank you enough. I will never forget you. I wish you and your wife many blessings.

Her mother wrote me the following note:

Mr. Segal,
I am ******’s mother and I wanted to take time to personally thank you for handling *****’s case. It has been a long 4 years but without you fighting for her, we would not have made it to this day. Thank you so very much and we will continually pray that the Lord will bless your practice. Thanks Again.



This case involved a young woman who was charged with distribution of drugs to a minor. There was a considerable amount of work involved in this case but shortly before trial we convince the prosecutor to dismiss all charges.

Andy, I really appreciate all of the hard work you have put in my case. I know it has required so much time and effort. I don’t think I would have made it this far without you behind me. I’m so grateful for you. You have helped me more than you know. May God bless you and your family. I hope you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks for everything.


The note was from the wife of an individual who simply wanted to get out of jail in time for the holidays. He had a previous attorney and he had been offered a plea agreement from the District Attorney’s Office that he wished to accept. The other lawyer told him that he would not be able to get in court (or out of jail) until after the holidays. Because this plea agreement gave him credit for time served and required his release on his entry of the plea agreement, they wanted to have the court date moved forward so their loved one to get out of jail. I was hired on Wednesday and, after a few phone calls, I was able to get a judge to accept this persons plea and to secure his release by that Friday.

OMG!! This attorney is awesome. He gets the job done. Best decision looking this attorney up. Mr. Segal goes the extra mile for you and is very nice.


This case involved an individual accused of drawing unemployment while they were working another job. After speaking with the prosecutor, the state agreed to allow this client to participate in a pretrial diversion program which will result in the dismissal of the charges

Andrew Segal is a great attorney to have. I appreciate him for all that he does. Thank you.


This case involved a juvenile who had been significantly threatened by other juveniles that if he did not hold drugs for them he would face potentially, death or significant bodily harm. As soon as he did so, someone turned him in… possibly the individuals who forced him to hold the drugs to begin with. This juvenile essentially had a “duress defense”. In consideration of the factors surrounding this case, the prosecution agreed to permit the case to be dismissed was the juvenile satisfies certain conditions.

His grandparents wrote us the following thank you note:

While at school, our child was given some drugs and then threatened if he did not “hold them”. He was then immediately turned in and was arrested for possession. Andy and Sandy were there for us and worked to get our child the best possible outcome. We were very happy that we were able to find Andy and Sandy and for how they were able to get us through this.


This person was charged, along with two other codefendants, with stealing a large amount of money. He chose to cooperate with law enforcement in providing evidence and details concerning the theft. I advised him to save up as much money as possible towards restitution given that he was hoping to resolve the case without a trial and to minimize his consequences. He was able to save up a sizable sum towards restitution. Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed to allow him to participate in the Pretrial Intervention Program. After successfully concluding this program he will have no conviction.

I was facing felony charges and contacted attorney Andy Segal. He responded quickly and assured me we would get my case resolved. His responsiveness and understanding was refreshing. With Mr. Segal’s help, I avoided jail time and will not be labeled a convicted felon.


In this case my client was charged with first-degree robbery, shooting into an occupied vehicle, assault first-degree and distribution of marijuana. This was a very serious case and the victim of the shooting was paralyzed as a result of having been shot in the back. Initially the prosecutor advised that any offer to settle the case would include a range of prison time from around 30 to 60 years. Given this high range of sentence in, the case was for trial.

Essentially the state had accused my client and another individual of these crimes. Our claim was that a third man was present and was responsible for these actions. Eventually we were able to locate this third person and, at our request, the police spoke with this individual. While he did not confess to these crimes, he did admit his presence at the crime scene. This “third man” had an extensive record for many similar things including having shot into occupied dwelling and dealing drugs. From his record he appeared to be a violent and dangerous drug dealer; he was certainly not the kind of person one would want to cross. The codefendant in this case, who had made statements against my client, was very close with this “third man” and when he gave a statement implicating my client he lied to the police about the presence (or existence) of the third man at the crime scene. Our argument was that the third man was the one who committed the crime and that the codefendant implicating my client out of fear of the third man or because of loyalty to the third man.

These additional facts were quite important. The prosecutor reevaluated his case in light of this new information. Because of the new facts the prosecutor made a far more generous offer that involved no jail time and only probation. As in any case, no lawyer can guarantee a specific result and my client chose to accept this offer rather than take the risk of going to trial.

In 2004, I was charged with Robbery, Shooting into a Vehicle, and Distribution of Marijuana.

I called on Andy Segal to represent me in this case of matter.

While going over my case w / Mr. Segal, he advised me of my fees. Mr. Segal gave me enough time to pay my fees to pay him to represent my case.

We went to court for 3 to 4 long years but all in all, Mr. Segal did an excellent job defending me. My case was very intense but I wouldn’t have chosen another lawyer. Andy is one of the best and I appreciate his dedicated work that he presented for me. Long story short, I am here to talk about it! With NO PRISON TIME!

Special thanks.


I was very satisfied with the outcome of my agreement that Mrs. Sandra Segal helped me out with. I was accused of Burglary in the 3rd and receiving stolen property in the 2nd, both charges were felonies.

Mrs. Segal did everything in her power as a great attorney to help me overcome the accusations against me. Mrs Segal was very prompt on taking time out of her day to sit with me at anytime I needed advice. Mrs. Segal also did any and everything in her power to talk with the prosecutor in my case to come to an agreement on the outcome of my charges.

I am and was very blessed to have Mrs. Segal as my attorney. Mrs. Segal is a hard working attorney and anyone whom is assigned to her as their attorney will be very blessed and will not regret her being assigned to their case.

Thank you so much Mrs. Segal for always taking your time to talk to me. Thank you also for being a friend as well as being my attorney. You’re the greatest.


This young lady was charged with shoplifting at Walmart. Initially we had a bit of difficulty getting convincing the prosecutor to dismiss the case. First, the prosecutor believed that my client had an existing criminal record; fortunately I was able to get that mistake cleared up.

The prosecutor also believed that because this person stole several items at once that she must have been an “experienced” thief. My argument on that was that an experienced thief would not take a variety of low value items, thereby subjecting themselves to greater chance of getting caught. Moreover, an experienced thief would likely take items with a greater cash reward since the risk remains the same for getting caught.

Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed and allowed this client to attend a program which will result in the dismissal of the charges upon completion.

I was charged with 3rd degree theft and hired Mr. Segal to be my attorney. He was very helpful and with him I was able to get my case dismissed. He made the process much more smooth than it would have been had I been on my own.


This case involved a juvenile who was charged with domestic violence assault. We were able to resolve the case without any type of juvenile adjudication of guilt. I spent some time talking with this young man about the issues that troubled him, as well as explaining to him that the information his “friends” had provided him with about what was going to happen to him is completely off the mark. I suspect this man has learned much from his experience and will go on to make something decent of his life.

Thank you for helping me. You’re a very kind person! Thank you for talking with my mom some about life.


This person was charged with domestic violence in the third-degree. I explained the steps necessary to increase their chances of obtaining a dismissal in this matter; they did everything that I advised resulting in the court agreeing to dismiss the charges upon completion of counseling program.

Mr. Segal was very helpful throughout the whole process. We are very happy with his services. I left the courtroom with no questions or concerns. I hope I won’t need to use him again anytime soon, but I know if I needed a lawyer again he would be my first choice. Mr. Segal does not suck! 🙂


I was charged with improper equipment and DUI. I am very pleased with the service I was provided. If I am in need of legal advice, I would be certain to seek him out again.


This particular case involved a charge of a minor in possession of alcohol. This was a 18-year-old young & wholesome girl who had .04% of alcohol in her bloodstream. We are able to resolve the case were she will have no conviction or any type of an adult criminal record.

Mr Segal, I really appreciated your services, not only with the case, but making me feel confident that I would get a good outcome! Thank you!


This case involved a very nice woman who was charged with two different test cases in several jurisdictions within a relatively short period of time. This lady had survived almost unimaginably difficult childhood and was getting treatment for issues relating to her background. At the time of both of her offenses her doctor was adjusting medication that was being used to treat her for her past difficulties. The medication caused problems with impulsivity and also affected her touch with reality during the period of time if these offenses.

Thankfully, we were able to explain these issues both sets prosecutors. One of her cases was dismissed and the other one will be dismissed upon completion of a relatively brief counseling program. As in all cases, I hate for my clients to have to suffer the vagaries of the criminal justice system but, fortunately, we were able to navigate her to a place of safety or she will have any convictions. Below is her note regarding her circumstances and our help.

I was charged with 2 theft cases within one year. I went to Mr. Segal and he was very understanding and helpful and was there in many ways, including with my emotional issues. I am very happy and thankful for his help and support. I would recommend him to anyone for anything at any time.


This gentleman was this was accused of domestic violence. I explained to him that we could either attempt to win the case at trial or, in the alternative, if he attended counseling it was my hunch that given the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that the prosecutor would agree to dismiss the charges upon completion of counseling. While we had a strong defense case, the client chose to first see if the case could be resolved through attending counseling. If the prosecutor would not agree to that, we were ready for trial. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charges upon completion of counseling.

Mr. Segal was highly professional throughout the entire process and was genuinely concerned with my case. I recommend that you allow him the opportunity to represent you in your time of need.


This case involved a nice woman was accused of obstruction of justice. I believed in her innocence and suggested the prosecutor drop the case. I made a specific suggestion to the prosecutor as to the manner of resolving the case that would not result in a conviction to my client. The prosecutor was not interested in resolving it in the manner. The prosecutor and I were called before the judge. The judge then told us to meet him in chambers so as to try to resolve the case. After all parties discussed the case in chambers, the judge “suggested” that the prosecutor resolve the case in a manner almost identical to what I had suggested . Once the judge “suggested” this resolution, the prosecutor agreed. The end result being the case would be dismissed with no court costs.

I’m exceedingly glad about the outcome of my case. Mr. Segal worked diligently to resolve my matter. I am glad that I chose him. I was able to get my case dropped with no court cost. Thank you Jesus! This is way more than I could have prayed for. Thank you Mr. Segal to you and your entire team.


In the present case this client was charged stealing over $100,000.00 from his employer. He had confessed to the crime and the state had a solid case against him. Given the amount of the theft, there was a significant chance that he would be incarcerated. It was unlikely that this case could be won at trial and we advised this client that his best chance of avoiding incarceration would be to come up with as much money as possible for restitution and after that was done to try to negotiate a settlement that did not involve actual imprisonment. Fortunately the client was able to come up with a significant amount of restitution and the state agreed to a resolution that did not involve actual incarceration.

I would like to thank attorney Segal for helping me and my family during a very difficult time. I was charged with a felony theft. He was an extremely wonderful and compassionate attorney. He guided me through this difficult and emotional time and helped prevent me from going to prison. He was able to provide me with a positive and more than fair plea. I am very grateful for your help and treatment.


This young man was charged with felony possession of marijuana. We were able to resolve the case where he will complete counseling program and the charges will be dismissed. In addition this he was under the age of 21 at the time the offense occurred, the court agreed to allow him youthful offender status thus sealing his record from public inspection.

Mr. Segal has been the perfect lawyer. He was easy to talk with about our case. He gave us good advice and all has worked out for the best on our behalf. I made a mistake and Mr. Segal looked out for my future. Following the PTIP and applying for YO gave me the chance for a clean slate starting my adult life.


Charges dismissed.

Mr. Segal did an outstanding job representing me for speeding and DUI. I would obtain Mr. Segal for any issues in the future.


This case involved a young man who was charged with possession of marijuana first degree as he was found to have three bags of marijuana in his pants pocket. Given the defendant’s age and his lack of criminal history, the prosecutor agreed to permit this client to attend counseling and, agreed to allow the dismissal of the charges upon successful completion of counseling. Because this young man was under the age of 21 at the time of his criminal charges, we were also able to get the court to agree to what is called “Youthful Offender Status,” which serves to seal his record against public inspection. The end result is that, should this client comply with the terms of his agreement, he will have no conviction and no public record of these events.

I was charged with possession in the 1st and Mr. Segal did a very good job at doing everything he could to help me. I would suggest him to anyone.


I was charged with multiple counts of sex abuse 2nd. I contacted Andy Segal, he set up a date for me to come in and explain my case. He explained everything in great detail with me and made sure every question I ever had was answered to the best of his ability. I am very pleased with the outcome. Because of Andy I have a second chance at a normal life. After the case my charges will be dismissed. Thanks Andy.


A warrant was issued for my arrest by probation officer. I didn’t hesitate to contact Andy Segal. He went to work immediately, he contacted my probation officer and started the process immediately. He always stayed in contact and kept me informed every step of the way. The day I went to see the probation officer, I was arrested, and Andy Segal worked his magic, he informed the probation of the confusion and it was taken care of immediately. I’ve hired Andy Segal for prior cases, and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. He’s a great lawyer, and most important a great person, the best in Huntsville.


The charge was Rape, First degree (forcible) and we were able to get the charges completely dismissed. We presented our arguments and evidence to the DA that this was not a case of rape but of regret and that our client should not have been charged. The prosecution reviewed our evidence and agreed with our assessment of the case dismissing the charges.

Our son was accused of rape and arrested. It was very frustrating. We couldn’t get anyone to listen to our side of the story and we couldn’t get details about the accusations. We hired Mr. Segal to represent our son. He worked through the legal issues, got us the details of the accusations, and worked with the District Attorney to present our side. Mr. Segal got the charges dropped and the record sealed. We are very grateful for all that Mr. Segal did for our son and highly recommend him for legal services.

The client was charged with two counts of child abuse. The case was negotiated. All charges against the client will be dismissed in six months (or less) as long as the client successfully completes a counseling program.

I was charged with 2 counts of child abuse. Given the circumstances I am very pleased with Andy Segal. The representation was more than excellent. Thank you so much.


In this case the defendant was charged with felony possession of marijuana. The police officer claimed that he saw marijuana on a coffee table in “plain view”. We filed a motion to suppress on this issue. The defendant lived in a trailer which had approximately 3 or four wooden steps leading up to the front door. According to the police officer’s testimony, he was standing in the yard when he looked into the trailer and saw the marijuana on the coffee table. However because the trailer itself was elevated and the coffee table was even higher, it was impossible for the police officer to have seen what he claimed to have seen in plain view. The end result was the charges against this client were dismissed.

I was charged with felony poss. of pot and I talked to 20 lawyers and chose Andy because he was straight up and told me the truth, that he would not promise me like the other lawyers that he could beat it, but I had a good case and he did great and got it threw out.


Mr. Segal was the 3rd attorney I phoned. The bail bond persons have their own attorneys and their choice as well as the second lawyer I called spoke of nothing but money how much I had to spend.

Andy Segal attorney at law never mentioned funds or asked my financial status. He was forthcoming with all my options and worked to clear me and then spoke of a set charge schedule. An excellent solicitor. I would trust him to handle any and all cases within his field without question. He won my cases.

This case involved a woman who was charged on September 26, 2009 with sodomy in the second degree. Her bond was originally set at $100,000 cash only. We were successful in having her bond reduced to $30,000 meaning that she could pay a bonding company 10% or $3000 in order to secure her release. Fortunately the family was able to post bond and she was released pending the resolution of this case. This was critical because of the length of time that it can takes for a criminal case to resolve.

After a considerable amount of legal wrangling, the charges against this client were eventually completely dismissed on December 12, 2012. Her thank you note to me included the following:

Thank you for your help and perseverance with this case. I knew I needed a real lawyer, and I am so very glad you were there for me, and to reassure my husband and family while we waited for the next steps in the case. It’s not just about knowing the legal steps and requirements, it’s knowing how to approach the people involved, and knowing when to not approach them at all. I absolutely could not have accomplished such a reasonable and fair outcome to my case if I had not had you on my side. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Mr. Segal has been an excellent representation of a criminal defense lawyer. I was arrested for theft, and very fearful of the outcome due to many things I stood to lose. Mr. Segal went above and beyond to seek out my needs with the personal history I have. I will always be indebted to him for his wonderful work, time, and personal care! Highly recommended!! Thank you Andy!

Mr. Segal has been very genuine and protected my case without any stress nor worries. I have consulted with several lawyers and Mr. Segal was the only attorney with the knowledge of the law. I was charged with domestic violence and the case got dismissed. Mr. Segal was always there for me with all my concerns. The office staff have been very helpful as well. I appreciate the Law Office of Segal & Segal for handling my case in a professional manner.


Mr. Segal:

On behalf of my wife and I, we want to say thanks for representing us. We are happy with the outcome. Again, thanks.

I am appreciative to Attorney Segal in the representation of my son. He gave me a new mindset in the belief of our judicial system.

I hope that we (my family) never have to use another attorney under these type of circumstances and if my family or myself should have to, I would call attorney Segal in a heartbeat. I consider him the best of the best.


To whom it may concern,

Before I hired Andrew Segal I got arrested for, manufacturing of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

After I was arrested, I had a $500,000 bond, Mr. Segal got it reduced to $100,000. This saved me a lot of money with the bail bond company! He saved me $40,000! Then come time for court, he struck a plea so I wouldn’t have to go to prison. I should have been sitting there for three years or more. After court was over I got 2 years probation and a $2,200 fine. And the only charge I have is the possession of a controlled substance. Because of Mr. Segal the prosecutor dropped the manufacturing charge which was a 1st degree felony! And the possession of marijuana charge was dropped, that is a misdemeanor. So Thank You Andrew Segal!


Me, the former client of Segal and Segal, complement on all duties. Went above and beyond the expectations. Thanks.


Mr. Segal has been a Godsend to us and our family. He has showed concern for us and the outcome of our case. Mr. Segal has been there for us day and night and also weekends. He’s been very faithful to us and returned our calls, and answered every question we’ve had. We are very pleased with the outcome of our case, he got us the best deal we could get. We are so grateful with him and his services. Mr. Segal will always be our number one attorney.


My case was handled above and beyond. Office personnel to care to make me feel I was in good hands. Outcome was professional. Thank you.

Today’s proceeding I was well informed of the consequences. Mr. Segal has given us the information that was well deserved. I am pleased with the outcome. The court system is so involved. Thank you.


Mr. Segal provided great counsel and comfort during the legal process. His knowledge of the courts gave me a sense of true representation. I appreciate his diligence with my case. Left me with a deserving outcome and I thank him for his help.


I was represented by Mr. Segal in Feb of 2012. I was appreciative of his personal interest in my case. I was definitely more than impressed with the outcome of my case. He would be more than highly recommended to anyone seeking legal advice.

We want to thank you again for all you have done for —-. We will never forget your kindness and we hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy the Outback!

Thanks again.