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First DUI

Any arrest is stressful, but if you're facing your first charge for DUI, you may be overwhelmed and confused. The majority of DUI charges involve first-time offenders, but the legal process can be difficult to navigate for those not familiar with the proceedings.

Even for your first offense, a drunk driving charge carries the potential for harsh penalties like jail time, hefty fines and a suspended driver's license. However, an arrest does not guarantee a conviction, and hiring an experienced defense attorney will increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Huntsville First DUI Lawyer

The legal team at Law Offices Of Segal & Segal can aggressively defend you against your charges. Our attorneys believe in open communication and will personally guide you through each step of your defense. Let us minimize your stress and take charge of defending your future and freedom.

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Overview on First DUI Charges Under Alabama Law

What Constitutes as DUI Offense?

Despite being classified as a misdemeanor, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Alabama carries serious consequences. If a blood alcohol content (BAC) test is conducted through a blood, urine, or breath analysis and your BAC is over 0.08, you can be arrested for DUI. For a driver under 21, however, their BAC can only by 0.02 or below without being charged.

What are the Penalties for a 1st DUI Conviction

An arrest for a first-time DUI potentially carries the following penalties:

  • A mandatory fine between $600 and $2,100, and / or
  • Up to one year in jail, and / or
  • Requirement to attend a court-ordered substance abuse program
  • Suspension of driving privileges for 90 days

On being arrested, your driver's license will automatically be suspended. This administrative consequence is separate from your criminal penalties and will stay in effect for 90 days, even if your case is dismissed. You may need to schedule a hearing with the DMV to review your license suspension in order to have it lifted. You only have 10 business days after your arrest to file a request for a hearing.

Other Consequences Following an Arrest

In these circumstances you will be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car, even for a first offense:

  • Your BAC was over 0.15
  • An injury was caused by your driving
  • A child under the age of 14 was in the car during the incident
  • You refused to submit to a breath test

The cost of this device falls to the offender, and can add up to more than $600.

In addition to criminal penalties, there may be other consequences to a DUI conviction, including an increase in your auto insurance or even being dropped by your insurance carrier altogether.

If you are arrested for another DUI within 5 years of your first offense, the penalties will increase drastically, including a mandatory sentence of 5 days in jail.

Helping Adults and Minors Arrested for a First Time DUI in Huntsville

To ensure your greatest chance at avoiding the harsh penalties for a conviction, you need to make sure that you have the right attorney on your side. The lawyers of Law Offices Of Segal & Segal work tirelessly to analyze the details of each case and form a strong defense. For those facing their first DUI charge in Madison, Albertville, Scottsboro, Decatur or the surrounding areas, call Law Offices Of Segal & Segal to schedule a free consultation for your unique circumstances.