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Madison County Circuit Court.

 Circuit Court Criminal matters:

The Madison County Circuit Court primarily resolves felony cases and misdemeanor cases that have been appealed to that court. At the circuit court level cases that go to trial are usually tried before a jury and the jury will decide whether or not a person is guilty of the crime. In some instances, an accused person will give up their right to a jury trial and ask that the judge decide whether they are guilty or not. For misdemeanor charges, the maximum sentence is one year, in jail and the maximum fine is $6000. Felony cases have a minimum sentence of one year and one day in prison with the maximum sentence of life without parole or even death. You should be aware that in felony cases there are four different levels of felonies and each of these have minimum and maximum sentences as well as minimum and maximum fines. If you want more information about what happens in a Madison County Circuit Court criminal case, click here:What to expect in a Madison County Circuit Court criminal case

Circuit Court Civil matters:

The civil division of the Madison County Circuit Court resolves any type of civil action between parties. These actions include a variety of lawsuits where one party is seeking monetary damages or for the court to order a party to either do or refrain from doing a particular action.

Circuit Court Family Law & Divorce  Matters:

The family law/divorce division of the Madison County Circuit Court resolves disputes concerning divorce, child custody, and division of assets.

The address and telephone number for this court are listed here:

100 North Side Square
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 532-3380

Physical Adress:

The court is located on 100 Northside Sq., Madison County, AL 35801

If you need help finding your case and when it is scheduled you may click on the link below:

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Visitor information

  • Be sure that you do not bring any weapons or any illegal substances into the courthouse. You will be required to go through a metal detector and you are subject to search. Should you have anything illegal. It could result in criminal charges.
  • You should arrive at minimum 15 minutes early to allow time to find your correct courtroom and to enter the building.
  • If you are unsure what courtroom were to go to you may ask the guard or someone at the information kiosk. The names of the judges and other courthouse offices and locations are listed on a directory by the elevators.


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