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Madison County Drug Court

The Drug Court program in Madison County is designed to provide an alternative to the typical court process in Alabama. It emphasizes treatment and rehabilitation for drug abuse and addiction, rather than incarceration. If the court determines that an individual is eligible for drug court, he or she will be given the option of completing certain requirements in exchange for having the charges against them dismissed.

Drug Court Programs for Marijuana Offenders in Madison County

If you have been charged with a cannabis related crime and would like to determine your eligibility, contact Law Offices Of Segal & Segal today at (256) 533-4529. Andrew and Sandra Segal provide assistance for individuals seeking information on their Drug Court eligibility throughout Madison County, including the cities in and around Huntsville, Madison, Harvest, Moores Mill, Hazel Green, Gurley, and New Hope.

Information on the Drug Court Program in Madison County

Eligibility for Madison County Drug Court

If an individual has been charged with possession of an illegal substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, forging prescriptions, illegally obtaining prescription drugs, or committing other nonviolent crimes to support a drug habit, he or she could potentially be eligible for Drug Court in Madison County. Marijuana offenses, such as possession of marijuana (also known as cannabis, weed, and pot) are common charges that are seen in this court.

However, if an individual is charged with or has a previous conviction for selling drugs, manufacturing drugs, firearm crimes, or violent offenses, he or she is not eligible. Once an individual is denied the right to participate in Drug Court, he or she will be subjected to normal criminal proceedings.

What are the Terms of a Drug Court Program?

The requirements of a drug program may differ from case to case. Some of the most common requirements include:

  • Submitting to random drug or alcohol testing
  • Regularly attending substance abuse classes
  • Drug Court fees
  • Attend counseling
  • Participating in treatment groups
  • Maintaining employment or educational status
  • Not committing any other crimes
  • Community service

How does The Drug Court Program Work?

If it is determined that you are eligible, you must complete a Drug Court application. If you are accepted into the program, and you and your attorney determine that the program is right for you, you will enter into an agreement with the court. You will essentially agree to plead guilty of your alleged offense. However, your sentence won't be imposed unless you fail to complete the requirements of the program.

The program usually takes one to two years to complete. Upon successful completion of the program, your plea agreement will be rescinded, the charges against you will be dropped, and the offense will not appear as a conviction on your criminal record. If you fail to complete the program, or are removed from the program at any time, your sentence will be imposed.

Drug Court Geographical Information

The Madison County Drug Court Program takes place within the Madison County Courthouse, and is located at:

Madison County Drug Court
100 Northside Square
Huntsville, AL 35801

The Office of Treatment-Intervention Services can be reached at (256) 533-8942