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Very Satisfied

I was very satisfied with the outcome of my agreement that Mrs. Sandra Segal helped me out with. I was accused of Burglary in the 3rd and receiving stolen property in the 2nd, both charges were felonies.

Mrs. Segal did everything in her power as a great attorney to help me overcome the accusations against me. Mrs Segal was very prompt on taking time out of her day to sit with me at anytime I needed advice. Mrs. Segal also did any and everything in her power to talk with the prosecutor in my case to come to an agreement on the outcome of my charges.

I am and was very blessed to have Mrs. Segal as my attorney. Mrs. Segal is a hard working attorney and anyone whom is assigned to her as their attorney will be very blessed and will not regret her being assigned to their case.

Thank you so much Mrs. Segal for always taking your time to talk to me. Thank you also for being a friend as well as being my attorney. You're the greatest.

– Anonymous