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Given that North Alabama is the Silicon Valley of the South, we have a high number of jobs requiring some level of security clearance.  Approximately 70% of all of the government and contract work in North Alabama requires a security clearance.  A criminal case can adversely impact your security clearance, whether you are an active or reserve military service member, a civilian government employee for the Army, TVA or NASA or if you work as a private contractor for any of the other major (or smaller) employers in our area such as Boeing, SAIC,  Lockheed, Raytheon, Alamanda Polymers, DESE Research, Dynetics, Stratolaunch Systems, or Redstone Arsenal.

A conviction and, potentially, even just a criminal charge against you may cost you your clearance or, at a minimum, give you a lot of issues in your ability to handle classified material required for your job.  Even if you are able to avoid a conviction and subsequently have the charges against you expunged, it still may have implications as to your security clearance and your job security.  Criminal charges are frightening under the best of circumstances.  Not only is your liberty at stake, but your livelihood can be placed in jeopardy as well.   While we are criminal defense lawyers here at Segal and Segal, we like to take a holistic and all-encompassing approach to all our clients' possible needs and concerns.  When a security clearance is a potential issue in any case, we work closely with security clearance lawyers to make sure that our clients' interests are fully protected. If you are concerned about the impact that a criminal charge can have on your security clearance and your job, you may find some relevant information to assist you at the website of a close professional colleague of ours: 

If you are facing a criminal charge and you would like our help to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation as it relates to all aspects of how the charge can impact your life, please feel free to contact us here: