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War Stories

  • Autisim and Criminal Courts in North Alabama

    My client was a severely autistic young man. In addition to autism, he was also significantly retarded. He had viewed child pornography on his computer and was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. When a person suffering from autism enters the criminal justice system, ... Read On

  • A Self Defense Shoot Out in Huntsville

    Early one morning, Matt Christopher pulled into the Home-Depot parking lot. He wanted to call ahead to a fast-food restaurant to determine if they were serving yet. While making his call, he noticed a man in the parking lot acting strangely. The man was angrily waving his arms and yelling at a... Read On

  • Of Blood and Murder

    74-year-old Willie called the police. He said: "I think I killed my best friend,  Victor ."When the police arrived, they found  Victor facedown on the pavement. A gunshot pierced his heart and exited his back.Willie told the police the previous night, he and  Victor drank homemade moonshine. They... Read On