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Huntsville, Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers

With over forty years of combined experience in the criminal justice system in Alabama, our attorneys at Law Offices Of Segal & Segal have tried cases on both sides of the courtroom. We use that extensive and local experience to help our clients fight for the most favorable outcomes in each case. Our criminal defense law firm believes that aggressively fighting the case often leads to better results for our clients. Our tenacious approach often involves filing and litigating pretrial motions such as motions to suppress or motions to dismiss the criminal charges. We pride ourselves on maintaining a trusted reputation in the legal community for integrity and honesty. The hard work that goes into preparing for motion hearings and trials often leads to better pre-trial negotiations with the prosecutor.

Although many cases are resolved short of trial, the preparations for trial are equally important. Whether it's fighting the charges in front of the jury, showing a judge that the stop or arrest was illegal, or negotiating with the prosecutor, we fight for you every step of the way. The dedicated legal team at Law Offices Of Segal & Segal will represent you in these tough times. We stand by our clients and fight for their rights. For us, representing clients accused of breaking the law is never about defending criminals — it's about defending people. Some of the people we defendant are wrongly accused. Others may have made a mistake. Whether our clients seek justice or mercy, it is our honor and privilege to represent them to the best of our ability and to make sure that they are treated in accordance with the standards and principles of justice.

We defend the innocent and seek mercy for those who've made mistakes. What we do is an essential pillar holding up the principles of justice in our country. We take our jobs, at our clients freedom, seriously. Call us today at (256) 533-4529 or send an online message, and we will set up a free consultation at absolutely no cost to discuss your charges and your options with you. We serve clients facing criminal charges in Huntsville-Decatur, including municipal courts, district courts, circuit courts or whatever court in which we are needed in criminal defense matters. Our service area includes Madison County, Morgan County, Marshall County, Limestone County and Jackson County, as well as the cities of Decatur, Madison, Meridianville, Moores Mill, Hazel Green, New Hope and surrounding communities.

Experience on Both Sides of the Alabama Criminal Justice System

Criminal court is an adversarial proceeding — it's the state of Alabama vs. you, the defendant. On their side, they have some very bright minds and some very experienced hands, who will be working very hard to prove their charges against you. Your best bet is to have someone on your side who is a formidable match for their skill and their knowledge — and even better if they've been in the shoes of the prosecutor, and know, from personal experience, how a prosecutor's mind works.

Former Prosecutors

At Law Offices Of Segal & Segal, our Huntsville criminal defense attorneys have just that experience. Andrew Segal is a former prosecutor. Before going into private practice, Andrew served as an Assistant Attorney General, prosecuting cases for the state of Alabama. He then became an Assistant District Attorney for Madison County, serving as a prosecutor in some of the same courts he now defends clients in.

Solid Reputation

Sandra Segal served as an Assistant City Attorney for Huntsville, prosecuting cases in Huntsville court. She also has vast experience in different courtrooms as a litigator. Since 1996, both have represented the accused in criminal court, defending the constitutional rights of people who have been charged for crimes. At Law Offices Of Segal & Segal, we recognize our profession is one of honor, and that's how we practice. We serve our clients with the kind of integrity we feel our profession deserves. We are officers of the court. We play a vital role in ensuring that our system of justice stays true, and we would never act in a way that compromises that role. The reputation of your lawyer is extremely important, since they are your representative in the criminal justice system. It is critical that your defense lawyers maintain integrity and honesty, and be known as honest dealers in Huntsville criminal courtrooms, with the trust and respect of judges, jurors, and even prosecutors.

Your Dedicated Defense Against Simple and Complex Charges

Our state is known for its harsh sanctions against convicted of crimes. For misdemeanors, jail time can be up to a year, and fines may range up to $6,000. For felonies, prison time ranges from more than a year to life in prison without chance of parole. The state is particularly harsh on drug offenders. If convicted of possessing any controlled substance other than enough marijuana for personal use, even prescription drugs, you will be facing felony charges in Huntsville. Drug trafficking is even more extreme, with minimum fines of up to $500,000 and the possibility of life in prison for merely possessing a certain amount of narcotics. For any conviction, jail time and fines are just the beginning of potential consequences.

This is especially true for sex crimes. If convicted of a sex crime, you will be required to register as a sex offender in a database available to anyone, publicly branding you with a crime that carries a heavy stigma, possibly for the rest of your life. Since Alabama law does not yet allow for expungement, any criminal record can stay with you. A conviction for misdemeanor theft, for example, could keep you from achieving your dream job, keep you out of the apartment you want to rent, keep you from getting the loan you need or keep you from enrolling in the school you desire. Don't take your charges lightly. Even a misdemeanor conviction on your record can place a roadblock into potential employment due to background checks. Consult with a defense lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

You Can Fight the Charges With Us By Your Side

An experienced Alabama criminal defense attorney should be there to look out for your interests, and zealously defend them. With domestic violence charges, for instance, it may feel like the whole world is against you, as even loved ones are hurling accusations. We are here to take your side. We'll listen to your story and pursue the most favorable options. Regardless of how awful the accusation is the prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. That means that they must show that there is no reasonable possibility that anything happened other than what they have claimed. As your defense attorneys in Huntsville, we seek to show the weaknesses in the states case and to establish reasonable doubt. Many people may find that they qualify for a pretrial intervention program that allows him to avoid a criminal conviction. This program applies to many first-time offenders, as well as some individuals who have a prior criminal history, depending on the particular circumstances of their case in their criminal history.

When we zealously defend you and your interests, sometimes it's necessary to negotiate with prosecutors and judges, whether to seek reduced charges that could mean the difference between prison and probation, or to convince them to allow you in drug court or a first time offender program that would allow you to keep your record clean.


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“In April 2016, I was charged with a criminal offense and booked into the local (Madison County) jail. Following payment of a fine plus bail, I was released and assigned a hearing date with the Municipal Court. I called Andrew Segal, of Segal & Segal, LLC and asked that he represent me as legal counsel in the court system. Mr. Segal provided tips regarding the hearing. We entered into a contact for my legal defense for the charge in municipal and subsequently appellate court. Mr. Segal deftly addressed the court in both proceedings. I highly recommend Mr. Segal as your first point of contact in the event you’re charged with a criminal offense.”


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