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In Alabama, a person commits the crime of unlawful possession with intent to distribute fentanyl if he or she sells, furnishes, gives away, delivers, or distributes more than one-half gram, but less than one gram, of Fentanyl.

Possession of a tiny amount of fentanyl can result in "possession with intent to distribute" charges. If you'd like to review the actual law, it can be found here:13A-12-211.

By way of example, most restaurant packets of artificial sweetener such a "Sweet and Low" or "Equal" contain 1 gram of sweetener. So, a person who distributes furnishes or gives away one half of a gram or more of fentanyl could be charged with the crime of distribution of fentanyl in Alabama.

Fentanyl is available both by way of prescription with brand names such as Sublimize and Duragesic. It also exists as a homebrew street drug with street names such as Apache, China White, and Dance Fever.

Drug distribution doesn't require the person distributing the drugs to make money. For example, if Frank has been prescribed fentanyl due to cancer treatment and he gives his friend Max (who can't afford pain medicine) his unused prescription, Frank would be guilty of distribution.

The distribution of fentanyl is a class B felony under Alabama law. If Frank is convicted, he could be sentenced to 2 to 20 years in the state penitentiary.

If you or somebody you love is charged with this crime, you should speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible. A lawyer can evaluate your case's facts and provide a legal opinion as to your best options.