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Madison County Jail

What you need to know if your loved one is in the Madison County jail.

Where is the jail?

The jail l is located at 815 Wheeler Ave NW, Huntsville, AL 35801

What cities and other areas does the jail serve?

Inmates in the Madison County jail are usually individuals who have been arrested within Madison County or the city of Huntsville. There are exceptions to this, however; sometimes, inmates may be individuals from other jurisdictions who are either awaiting extradition or are being held in the Madison County jail for other jurisdictions or to await transfer to either prison or another jurisdiction.

What types of charges or convictions could lead to a stay in jail?

Individuals who of been sentenced in Madison County or in Huntsville Municipal Court to serve a sentence. Usually will serve their sentence. In the Madison County jail.

The jail also houses inmates who are awaiting trial for felony charges.

What happens after someone is arrested and booked?

Once someone is booked into the jail, they will be processed and either bonded out or placed in the population with other inmates. A determination is made as to what type of custody an individual will be placed in.

How can I find out more information about the Madison County Jail?

The Madison County Jail has a helpful website providing information about issues such as bond, visitation, and other matters of concern to people with a loved one in the Madison County jail. The link to that site is here:

Link to Madison County Jail information page

How can family members and friends find out if someone is in jail?

Madison County's "jail view" website allows you to search for your loved ones. It usually takes a reasonable amount of time (up to three days) to see if someone is listed on this website. A link to this website is provided here:

Link to Madison County Alabama Jail View

What is the telephone number of the jail?

 Main Phone: (256) 519-4800

Jail Booking. (256)519-4842

What is a "TTC hold" at the Madison County jail?

The term "TTC" means to "transfer to County." When someone is newly arrested in the charges are going to be pursued by Madison County, and the case must be transferred to the county first. A bond amount will be set once the county has prepared the arrest warrant. This should occur within 72 hours of a person's arrest.

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