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Thank you!

To whom it may concern,

Before I hired Andrew Segal I got arrested for, manufacturing of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

After I was arrested, I had a $500,000 bond, Mr. Segal got it reduced to $100,000. This saved me a lot of money with the bail bond company! He saved me $40,000! Then come time for court, he struck a plea so I wouldn't have to go to prison. I should have been sitting there for three years or more. After court was over I got 2 years probation and a $2,200 fine. And the only charge I have is the possession of a controlled substance. Because of Mr. Segal the prosecutor dropped the manufacturing charge which was a 1st degree felony! And the possession of marijuana charge was dropped, that is a misdemeanor. So Thank You Andrew Segal!

– Anonymous