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Receiving Stolen Property

A person who steals property is not the only party that may be subject to criminal charges in Alabama. It is important to understand that people who acquire or store property they know to be stolen also face harsh penalties.

Code of Alabama § 13A-8-16 defines this crime as a person who “intentionally receives, retains or disposes of stolen property knowing that it has been stolen or having reasonable grounds to believe it has been stolen, unless the property is received, retained or disposed of with intent to restore it to the owner.” This is a very serious crime that can be classified as a felony in certain cases, potentially involving several years of imprisonment, thousands of dollars in fines, and extreme consequences for a person's professional life.

Huntsville Receiving Stolen Property Lawyer

If you have been accused of committing this offense, you need to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Law Offices Of Segal & Segal defends clients throughout the greater Huntsville area who have been accused of theft crimes.

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Alabama Receiving Stolen Property Charges

The classification of this offense depends largely on the value of the property that was stolen:

  • Receiving stolen property in the third degree, Code of Alabama § 13A-8-19 — Value of stolen property does not exceed $500, Class A misdemeanor
  • Receiving stolen property in the second degree, Code of Alabama § 13A-8-18 — Applicable in cases involving any of the following, all of which are classified as a Class C felony:
    • Receiving stolen property of which the value exceeds $500 but does not exceed $2,500
    • A person who regularly buys, sells, uses or handles in the course of business property of the sort received, and acquired property of any value without making reasonable inquiry whether the person selling or delivering the property to him had a legal right to do so
    • Receiving stolen property which exceeds $250 in value but does not exceed $2,500 in value where the alleged offender has previously been convicted of theft of property in the first or second degree or receiving stolen property in the first or second degree
  • Receiving stolen property in the first degree, Code of Alabama § 13A-8-17 — Value of stolen property exceeds $2,500, Class B felony

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Receiving Stolen Property Penalties in Huntsville

Depending on the specific degree of this offense a person is charged with, a conviction can result in the following consequences:

  • Class A Misdemeanor — One year maximum in county jail and $6,000 maximum fine
  • Class C Felony — Minimum of one year and one day, 10 years maximum in prison and $15,000 maximum fine
  • Class B Felony — Minimum of two years, 20 years maximum in prison and $30,000 maximum fine

If a person has any previous felony convictions, then the penalties above may be enhanced under Alabama's habitual felony offender law in Code of Alabama § 13A-5-9.

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Alabama Receiving Stolen Property Defenses

While the fact that the person who stole the property has not been convicted, apprehended, or identified is prohibited as a defense against these charges, there are several other defenses that may apply to your case. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Illegal search and seizure or other police misconduct
  • You had a legitimate ownership claim relating to the property
  • You have been misidentified
  • You only possessed the property with the intention of returning it to the owner or authorities
  • You were unaware that the property was stolen

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Find the Best Receiving Stolen Property Lawyer in Huntsville

Perhaps you bought property that you did realize was stolen or you were unknowingly in possession of stolen property. Either way, you are entitled to defend yourself and you should seek legal representation that will put forth the best possible argument to get the charges against you reduced or completely dismissed.

Law Offices Of Segal & Segal aggressively fights theft crime allegations on behalf of clients all over Huntsville, including surrounding areas like Decatur, Albertville, Madison, Athens, Scottsboro, and New Hope. Call (256) 533-4529 or send us a message online right now to have our experienced criminal defense attorneys review your case during a free, no obligation legal consultation.