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Probation basics in Huntsville, Alabama

What you need to know if you been placed on probation in Alabama

When a person is convicted of a crime a judge has the option of putting them in jail or placing them on probation.

Being placed on probation means that the person still has a conviction but the judge is withholding jail time.

There are a variety of conditions the judge will typically impose on someone who is placed on probation. These include things such as reporting in to their probation officer, attending counseling, and not committing any criminal conduct.

Alabama courts consider probation an act of grace and a privilege extended by a judge to someone who has been convicted of a crime.

Because Alabama law holds that probation is a privilege, the law permits this privilege to be easily taken away. This means if they probation or fails to comply with the terms and conditions of probation set forth by the judge and the judge is reasonably satisfied that there is some evidence to show this he can take away the gift of probation.

Since judges' delegate supervising to their probation officers, I always advise my clients to treat their probation officer with the same level of respect and courtesy that they would the judge. In other words, your probation officer says jump, you should already be in the air asking how high. Don't take an attitude with your probation officer. Like it or not, if you get sideways with them you lose.