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Sale of Marijuana to a Minor in Huntsville & Madison county, Alabama

Alabama has extremely harsh marijuana laws when compared to other states. Marijuana possession of any amount can land you in jail up to a year. One year is minimal compared to a first-offense for selling marijuana, in any amount, to a minor. This charge can impose 10 to 99 years imprisonment on anyone over the age of 18 who is convicted of selling to anyone under the age 18.

As a Class A felony offense, selling marijuana to a minor is seen as one of the most serious crimes to occur in the state of Alabama. In felony cases, it is vital that you have a criminal defense lawyer with experience at trial and negotiating aggressive pleas.

Huntsville Sale of Marijuana to a Minor Lawyer

The legal defense team at Law Offices Of Segal & Segal consists of Sandra Segal, former prosecutor for the Huntsville City Attorney's Office, and Andrew Segal, former prosecutor for the Alabama Attorney General and the Madison County District Attorney. With decades of experience between us, we are adept at putting together a powerful defense, and leading with strong negotiations right away.

Law Offices Of Segal & Segal is respected by law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and other criminal defense attorneys for our grasp of the law and proficiency in the courtroom. Let us use our experience in your defense. Call (256) 533-4529 or send an online message to schedule a free consultation. We will discuss the best course of action for you.

Madison County Sale of Marijuana to a Minor Overview

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Alabama Sale of Marijuana to a Minor Penalties

Alabama has identified the sale of marijuana to a minor to be a Class A felony, punishable by a minimum 10 years behind bars. Amazingly, no matter the amount in possession and regardless if there is no money exchanged, the judge has the ability to sentence a defendant up to 99 years in prison for furnishing marijuana to a minor. The statute states that the minimum ten year prison term may not be suspended or served via probation. A Class A felony also exposes the defendant to up to $60,000 in fines to the state.

Ala. Code § 13A-12-215 states if the offender is over the age of 18 and the offense consists of selling, furnishing or giving such controlled substances (including marijuana) to a person who has not attained the age of 18 years, the offender shall be guilty of a Class A felony.

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Sale of Marijuana to a Minor Sentence Enhancements in Huntsville

If the offender is convicted of sale of marijuana to a minor and the offense took place within three miles of a school campus or a public housing project, an additional five years imprisonment will be added to the sentence.

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Alabama Sale of Marijuana to a Minor Defenses

Fighting your case starts right away with a review of the evidence and the means by which law enforcement performed their searches. Law Offices Of Segal & Segal will move to suppress, or withhold from the court, evidence gathered in violation of your Constitutional rights. This evidence may include statements made by you without first receiving a Miranda warning of your right to remain silent.

In private practice for several years, the attorneys at Law Offices Of Segal & Segal will investigate the assumptions made in the prosecution's case. They have a high burden of proof to show that the defendant knowingly distributed (not requiring money to change hands) marijuana to someone under the age of 18, but they do win convictions. Law Offices Of Segal & Segal will work to expose reasonable doubt in their claims that you distributed a known substance of marijuana.

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Find the Best Sale of Marijuana to a Minor Lawyer in Huntsville

When facing a Class A felony, a person is risking their life—up to 99 years—behind bars. A knowledgeable defense team is your best friend through the criminal justice system. We will passionately advocate for you at every stage of your case with out main priority being to keep you out of prison.

Call (256) 533-4529 immediately to schedule a free consultation. After reviewing your case, we can give you more detailed information about our defense strategy and the next steps forward. We represent people charged with marijuana sale to a minor across the Huntsville-Decatur area, including Madison County, Morgan County, Marshall County, Limestone County and Jackson County.