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What is domestic violence harassment in Huntsville Alabama?  

There are three kinds of harassment cases in Alabama.

I categorize them as physical harassment, verbal harassment, and the crime of harassing communications which typically involve some form of electronic communication.

The crime of physical harassment occurs when someone unlawfully touches another person with the intent to harass or annoy or alarm them. It doesn't need to involve any form of injury only that the touching was done with this type of intent.

For those of you who have brothers and sisters, and were on long car trips, when your sibling kept poking you and you kept saying “stop it” that was the crime of physical harassment.

Verbal harassment means that a person is accused of having directed abusive or obscene language or making some sort of obscene gesture to another person. This includes some sort of a threat verbal or nonverbal that's made with the intent to carry out the threat it causes a reasonable person was the target of the threat to fear for their own safety.

Now if you're in that backseat with your sibling again, and they give you the finger or they called you a poop head, that's not verbal harassment because we have a right to free speech under the First Amendment. But if your older brother holds up a fist and says “as soon as mom and dad aren't looking, I'm going to bust your lip.” Then your older brother has committed verbal harassment.

Harassing communications is a similar crime but it's usually done either electronically or in writing. A person commits this crime when with the intent to harass or alarm another person they either communicate with that person in a way that's likely to harass or cause alarm. It includes things like hang up calls and can include other communications that lacks a legitimate purpose.

If you're charged with domestic violence harassment or harassing communications that means that your charged with having committed some form of harassment and it occurred within the context of dating, marital or family relationship.

Punishment for this crime can be as high as three months in jail with a maximum fine of $500.

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If you're charged with this or any crime you should speak to an attorney.

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The actual law can be found in section 13A-11-8 of the Code of Alabama.