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How to go to jail in Huntsville, Alabama, for wearing a Clown mask

Posted by Andrew Segal | Oct 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

Can you go to jail for wearing a clown mask in Huntsville, Alabama?

In light of all of these creepy clown sightings, some of you might wonder whether or not it's a crime for somebody just stand around in a clown mask. In other words, if you're just standing around wearing a clown mask in public is it a crime?

Most likely a person who dressed up in a clown mask could be arrested under Alabama law for the crime of loitering. The crime of loitering can be committed in about seven different ways but one way that loitering is committed is person “being mask, lawyers, remains were congregates in a public place.”

So my view is that in most instances somebody wears a clown mask is probably subject to arrest.

What about Halloween? If you decide to go out as a creepy clown Halloween or you can get arrested?

Hopefully, you would not the law says that you don't commit this crime under if you're going from or staying at a masquerade party or if you're a public parade or a presentation for an educational, religious or historical character. The law also makes exceptions if you're going to a paid sporting event or you're a participant in a sporting event.

My personal view is that going around in clown masks probably a pretty dumb idea right now because not only could you potentially face arrest and have a record forever but, given folks reactions you could wind up as a crime victim yourself since some fool may decide to take the law into their own hands.

Hopefully, none of you will need me for this particular offense but if you do get some sort of legal trouble and you need our help to free to give us a call. The number is s below. We don't charge for an initial case evaluation and at a minimum, will give you our free and honest opinion about your situation.

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Andrew Segal is a former judge and prosecutor who now represents the accused as a criminal defense attorney in Huntsville, Alabama, area courts. Andrew graduated cum laude from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, in 1982. and Washington College of Law at American University in 1988.


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